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The center for art and education is your own Awareness, as I am.

Home 12-15-2020

Life is not what we think it is.

The purpose is not in pleasure, being successful, outwardly secure, but in knowing and honoring yOur true nature – as I am.

The simplicity and naturalness is the stumbling block;
we overlook the obvious, for decades.

Being established in this effortless knowing, suffering isn't catered anymore by our deeply ingrained faulty thinking and feeling; circumstances can be met from a place of clarity and peace, unburdened by excitement, confusion, dullness, fear or panic.

We are the current wave of humanity

We are not isolated entities that struggle to survive;
Life is one amazing, awesome unfolding organism.

What we understand and release in our self affects all.
We maybe appear to be alone, but we are never lonely.

Thinking allowed, thinking aloud

A little thinking and feeling goes a long way: learning to discern between the "me" – assumed in our thinking mind – and the living Presence I AM, I exist.

Here and now, neither aggrandized nor diminished by circumstances, but vigilant to the "me" liar in our thinking and feeling.

Learning to bravely and effortlessly contemplate the nature of Reality.

a.k.a. CFAAE.com

I want to share together with you three forms of experience: celebratory, contemplative, functional.

Suffering can completely drop away when we understand the me-chanism of our ignorance at war with our own stupidity.

None of my words are my own.


Thank you to Life

It is priceless to outgrow the "me"-bubble with friends, with loved ones, with so called strangers.

Learning to give our self a voice and to walk our talk...